"Tianfu Sichuan Panda Home" photo exhibition

"Tianfu Sichuan Panda Home" photo exhibition of China's Sichuan Province and Uzbekistan's Samarkand State also kicked off at Registan Square in Samarkand. The vivid and colorful pictures of Tianfu's culture and beautiful scenery made the audience yearn for Sichuan. , and at the same time, it is also an in-depth promotion and promotion of the "Tianfu Sichuan Panda Home" characteristic cultural tourism brand to Uzbekistan's source market. Sichuan, with its profound cultural heritage and long history, attracts many tourists with its unique and rich tourism resources and delicious food. I hope that in the future, the two sides will have more exchanges and hear more valuable experiences with mutual support, so that more Uzbek friends will have the opportunity to understand and fall in love with Sichuan. We look forward to more cooperation between the two places in the fields of culture and tourism in the future.

"Tianfu Sichuan Panda Home" photo exhibition in Registan

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