Official Name: Kazakhstan
Capital: Astana
Population: 18,000,000
Total area: 2,724,900 km2
Languages: Kazakh, Russian
Religions: Muslim 70%, Christian 26% , 4% Others.
National currency: Tenge

Flag of Kazakhstan
Flag of Kazakhstan
Emblem of Kazakhstan
Emblem of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia, in the center of the Eurasian continent. Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world by territory. His borders with China (the border length of 1,460 km) in the East, with Kyrgyzstan (980 km), Turkmenistan (380 km) and Uzbekistan (2300 km) – in the south, and with Russia (6467 km) – in the north. The total length of boundaries is 12187 km. Stretches more than 3,000 km (two time zones) from the lower reaches of the Volga in the west to the foothills of the Altai Mountains in the east and almost 2000 km from the West Siberian Plain in the north to the Kyzylkum desert in the south. Kazakhs are state (titular) nation and make up the ethnic and cultural core of Kazakhstan’s statehood. Astana has been the capital of Kazakhstan since December 10, 1997. Administratively Kazakhstan has 2 cities of republican value (Astana, Almaty). The state language of Kazakhstan is the Kazakh language, while Russian language has the status of a language of interethnic communication. The main national holiday of Kazakhstan is Independence Day. Its celebration is held annually on December 16-17.

The fundamental principles of the Republic are public concord and political stability, economic development for the benefit of all the people, patriotism and resolution of the most important issues of the state by democratic methods including voting at the republican referendum or in the Parliament. State and private property inthe Republic of Kazakhstan is recognized and equal protected. Kazakhstan possesses various minerals. 99 of 105 elements of the periodic table are hold in the bowels of Kazakhstan, 70 elements are explored and more than 60 elements are involved in the production. Kazakhstan’s location in the center of the Eurasian continent predetermines its great transport and communication potential in the field of transit and provides interest to many countries. Transport and Communications of the Republic is represented by rail, air, sea, river, pipeline transport, road network and telecommunication systems.

Kazakhstan is one of the popular places for tourist destination. Kazakhstan offers everything you could hope for in a great travel destination, which includes mountain tops, glaciers, coniferous woods, large rocky canyons, pristine mountain lakes and amazing rivers among many others. In this country, tourists can get recreation opportunities throughout the year.

Most popular places is:

  • Almaty the biggest city in the country and located in South East Kazakhstan. The town has lots of theaters, museums, exhibition halls, art galleries and business centers.
  • Astana is the second biggest city in Kazakhstan. The old and new modern places have become key attractions for visitors. Key attractions included Duman aquarium and Bayterek tower.
  • Taraz town celebrated reaching 2,000 years in 2001 and was also recognized by the UNESCO. The Aisha Bibi and Babaji mausoleums, located outside the city are great masterpieces of antique architecture.
  • Mangystau one of the best areas of Kazakhstan that is rich in gas, construction materials, and oil. It has a rich cultural traditions. Some of the best hotels in Kazakhstan are found here.
  • Semipalatinsk is located near Siberian strettches. Famous writer and novelist Dostoyevsky lived here in the 18th century. This house has been well preserved and tourists can visit this location to check out notes for his famous works like “The Idiot”, “Crime” and “Punishment”. Also here other museums in the area, which includes Museum of Abai Kunanbaev.
  • Medeo skating and bandy rink. 15 km away from Almaty you will find the most unique and largest speed skating rink in the whole world that is located at 1,700 meters above sea level.